Talking with “everyone knows LARRY” of Wolf 840am Radio in the Cariboo

We were asked to be interviewed by Larry Rode at the most listened to radio station in the Cariboo. 840 Country AM Radio. Larry has been doing the Larry Rode Show for 33 years. So everyone knows Larry. Larry gave his own personal Mosquito Magik story to the listeners. As he said ” the LARRY […]

Disease-Carrying Mosquito Heading North! Be Prepared

An interesting article about the northward movement of the Asian tiger mosquito, one of the world’s most invasive pests. In addition to increasing its territory due to warmer temperatures, it is adapting to be around longer and breed for a longer period of time. It could be in Canada this year. The full CNN article can […]

13 Natural Remedies for the Ant Invasion

Our speciality is making people “invisible” to mosquitos. However, we also get any number of inquiries about other annoying pests. People don’t want to deal with harsh chemicals that might impact themselves, others, or the environment. One of pests people want to deal with is ants, and they want to deal with them naturally. A […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mosquitos

We may be in the mosquito avoidance business, but there are still a few amazing things we had yet to know about these creatures. An article on MMN Earth Matters by Melissa Breyer helped us fill in a few of the knowledge gaps. For example, the oldest mosquito was found in Canada buried in amber […]

Studies find humans can repel mosquitoes naturally

If you’ve ever wondered why a walk in the woods leaves some people covered in welts and others without a mark, the answer lies in odors produced by the body.  It’s been two decades since researchers discovered that how people smell attracts or repels bloodthirsty insects, but just what chemical compounds invited mosquitoes to dinner remained […]

Did you know?

Mosquitos are the most deadly animal on the planet. See for yourself…

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt and Natural Hawaiian Sea Salt Health Benefits: Sea Salt VS Table Salt? The many reported negative effects of salt on the human body all refer to highly refined, commercial table salt. This salt is not in fact a food at all, and is a terrible and toxic substance to put into our bodies. […]

Benefits of Zinc

Zinc for the proper functioning immune system One of the most important things is that Zinc is a Vital part of the immune system. We use Angstrom liquid zinc supplement in Mosquito Solution for the following reasons: It is the smallest cell ready zinc supplement today. It can enter the cell directly without digestion. You […]

What Does Celery Seed Extract Do for the Body?

Author: Darrell Miller Celery seed extract is obtained from the fruits of celery. Powdered celery seeds are historically noted as a natural analgesic, and have been in use as a pain reliever throughout the ages. Modern science has found out that celery seeds are a good source of vitamins and minerals as well as phytochemicals […]